Project complete

The jointly funded Arden St Safety Upgrade outside Clovelly Public School has been delivered. We carried out works to provide a safer environment for all, especially during school hours.

Key elements of the project:

  • Installed new pedestrian crossing signals and upgraded the road
  • Widened the footpath for pedestrians
  • Formalised the school bus zone and bus stop

Thank you to all who were involved.


1.Please select which of the below relate to you: (select as many as appropriate) Required
2. Please rate the prority level of the following safety issues identified in the safety review: Required
Low priority
Medium priority
High priority
I don't see this as an issue
Running the red at signalised pedestrian crossing on Arden Street
Conflict with vehicles at the Chesterfield Parade pedestrian crossing
Motor vehicular speed
Inadequate footpaths on Arden Street for walking and cycling
4. How supportive, if at all, are you of the following treatments proposed in the concept design? Required
Not at all supportive
Somewhat supportive
Very supportive
Not sure
Upgrade Chesterfield parade pedestrian crossing to wombat crossing
Widen footpath between Chesterfield Parade and Bagin Street
Continuous footpath at Baglin Street intersection
Upgrade crash barriers
Shared path on west-side Arden Street - as route to and from school
Shared path on east-side Arden Street between Macpherson Street and Chesterfield Parade - as route to and from school
Widen path outside school on Arden Street
Improve visibility of the trafic lights by bulding out the kerb, relocating the lantern posts and improving the bus zone
8. How did you find out about this project? Required

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