This consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

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About the project

Barracluff Park is used by sporting groups, local residents, and the wider community. Over the years, the sportsfield has deteriorated due to extensive use by dogs and can no longer be used for organised sport.

To address this issue, Council produced a Feasibility Study to explore possible options for the management of dogs in Barracluff Park. Waverley does not currently have a fenced off-leash park for dogs and the possibility of constructing one was analysed as part of the Feasibility Study.

From 26 August - 29 September 2022 we collected feedback from the community on the four possible options identified in the Feasibility Study. Read more about the community consultation below.

Project updates

Project update - November 2022

On 1 November 2022 a report was taken to the Finance, Operations and Community Services Committee, outlining outcomes from community consultation. At the meeting, Council endorsed the following motion:

That Council defers consideration of this item until a councillor workshop and report back to Council for the purpose of discussing further options for usage of Barracluff Park.

The meeting agenda and minutes are available on the Council website.

What happens next?

Following a further briefing session with Councillors, a report will be taken to Council early next year where a decision will be made about the future usage of the park as a designated off-leash area. In the meantime, Barracluff Park is not a designated dog off-leash area and fines for off-leash dogs still apply under the Animal Companions Act 1998. Please respect the rules and regulations currently in place so everyone can enjoy the park.

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Community consultation outcomes - October 2022

We collected feedback in a number of ways, including an online survey, two Have Your Say days at Barracluff Park, and an online information session. Overall, there were 5,360 engagements with the consultation process, including 426 responses to the survey, 60 participants across the three face to face sessions, 21 email submissions, and two briefings with identified stakeholder groups.

Across all channels of feedback, there was no clear preference for any of the four options outlined in the Feasibility Study. There was however general support for a timed off-leash arrangement to facilitate sport and continue off-leash dog use within the park.

86% of survey respondents supported the need for more off-leash dog areas in Bondi and there was strong support for the whole park to be made off-leash, with some suggesting the park be fenced to prevent dogs running out onto the road.

Read the consultation report.


From 29 August - 26 September 2022 we collected feedback on four possible options for the management on dogs in Barracluff Park.

Options for the management of dogs in Barracluff Park

The Feasibility Study explored five possible options for the management of dogs in Barracluff Park, of which four options were identified as viable. All options involve upgrading the sportsfield surface and in accordance with the Companion Animals Act 1998, dogs are prohibited within 10m of the play space (assistance dogs excepted).

Each option is described below and we've prepared a character board to give you an idea of what some of the park features could look like. Note: The fenced off-leash areas in the below options would be fit for purpose and involve drainage and/or surface upgrades deemed necessary.

How feedback was collected

Feedback was collected a variety of different ways including: