Our contractor, Ally Civil, have completed the intersection treatments and installation of the bike lane separators. The uphill bike lane is now open to cyclists between Newland Street and Donald Place.

Next steps – Council officers are in consultation with Transport for NSW to get approval for traffic control signal amendments for cyclists using the uphill bike lane.


Our contractors, Ally Civil, have begun work on the intersection treatments as part of the Birrell Street project. These works are estimated to be complete by early August. The newly built downhill bike lane will be closed until the intersection works are complete.

We are also aware that some of the bike lane separators have been dislodged. Ally Civil is investigating the issue and will rectify and complete the installation of the separators as soon as possible.

Works commencement May 2023

Works began on Birrell St (between Newland St and Bronte Rd) on the week starting 29 May.

Work hours will be from 7am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The works will be staged to minimise the disruption to surrounding residents.

Residents and business owners on Birrell St and the surrounding area were posted a notification letter of works commencement on 15 May 2023.

This project will create 22 new parking spaces along Birrell Street and surrounding streets, improved bike routes, a new road surface, safer intersection treatments and minor improvements in stormwater drainage. However, during construction some on-street parking may be occupied to allow access for construction vehicles and materials. Traffic will be guided by trained Traffic Control Personnel.

Please note, these works will be done in conjunction with the road resheeting upgrades also due to commence at the end of May 2023 - as part of the Road Infrastructure Renewal Program.

Council has engaged Ally Civil to complete this upgrade and they will provide a further notification three days prior to start of works to confirm details.

Project background and consultation

Birrell Street is a major road in Waverley, connecting people to several community hubs in the east and beyond. It is well utilised by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians but after many years of use it has a number of aging, dated and failed infrastructure assets which need to be addressed.

Last year we asked for your feedback about improving road infrastructure and safety on Birrell Street for pedestrians and bike users. The consultation period was held from 16 November – 7 December 2022 using a mix of online and face-to-face engagement methods to gather feedback and suggestions.

The community consultation showed a preference for a separated uphill bike lane on Birrell St (between Newland Street and Henrietta Street) positioned between the kerb and parked cars, and a shared downhill mixed-use road for cars and bikes between Newland Street and Henrietta Street (Option 1).

In terms of the pedestrian refuge options, the community preferred the kerb extension and continuous crossing option on the Birrell Street intersection at Isabella and Stanley Streets (Option 1).

Community feedback also highlighted the need for preserving parking, introducing traffic calming measures, ensuring connectivity of bike lanes, and prioritising safety for pedestrians and bike riders. View the full consultation report.

All feedback was reviewed and the detailed design presented to the Waverley Traffic Committee in March 2023 and Council in April 2023.

Expected outcomes

The Birrell Street Renewal works include:

  • Intersection safety improvement
  • Installation of bike lanes and continuous footpaths
  • Upgraded pedestrian islands
  • Minor stormwater drainage improvements
  • Soft landscaping
  • Line marking