To achieve ‘vision zero’, with zero fatalities and minimal serious injuries, Council is working with Transport for NSW to reduce speed limits from 50km/h to 40km/h across the Waverley Local Government Area (LGA).

In various community consultations, Waverley residents raised concerns around pedestrian safety and the overwhelming need for cars to travel slower in their neighbourhoods. Your views are sought on the proposal to lower speed limits and more specifically on the proposed infrastructure shown on the map below that will be installed to support lowered speed limits.

The proposed changes also reflect Waverley's People, Movement and Places (2017) strategy which aims to make it easier for everyone to travel by improving the quality of streetscapes and public places.

Traffic calming treatments - which ones will be on your street?

Please look at the maps below, find your street and see if there are any traffic calming treatments that will be installed.

Construction update

Traffic calming treatments are being installed at 36 locations in the Waverley LGA, south of Bondi Road, between February and July 2022.

Treatments include pedestrian crossings, a pedestrian refuge, kerb extensions, road humps, a roundabout and new line markings.

Three of the 36 treatments have already been installed, speed cushions at Park Parade, Bennett Street and Ruthven Street, in November 2021. The treatments at Park Parade and Bennett Street are on trial for a period of 12 months.

Council has engaged Quality Management & Construction Pty Ltd, “QMC Group”, to undertake the installation of all treatments, during the period of February - July 2022. QMC Group will write to those affected in the seven days prior to work commencing with more information.