Update: Thank you to everyone who provided their input into these documents. At the 25 May Council meeting, the Community Engagement Policy and Strategy were adopted. Please see 'Document Library' for final documents and the Consultation Summary Report.


Whatever your connection to Waverley, we want to make sure everyone who wants to have their say on a Council project is able to, and that you're kept in the loop as projects progress.

We have taken your feedback from our last consultation period in 2019, as well as what you have told us about engagement from all other Council projects, and developed a draft Community Engagement Policy and Strategy.

These documents explain how Council makes decisions, sets out our commitments to you, and outlines the what, when and how we will engage you for different types of projects.

What does each document do?

The Community Engagement Policy (CEP)

Sets the guiding framework for engagement, provides clarity on what Council defines engagement as, outlines how we will conduct engagement, and what our roles and responsibilities are.

The Community Engagement Strategy (CES) and Community Participation Plan (CPP)

Sits underneath the CEP. The CES provides more in-depth information about when and how the community will be informed and can be involved in projects. The CPP has a similar purpose, specific to local planning matters.

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Need assistance?

We are committed to making sure you can access the information you need in a format that is right for you. If you would like information supplied in another language or format, please contact us on 9083 8167 or communications@waverley.nsw.gov.au.

Other helpful contacts include:

  • 131 450 to speak with the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)
  • 133 677 TTY/voice calls
  • 1300 555 727 Speak & Listen
  • 0423 677 767 SMS relay

Please note: All information provided as a submission may be public as part of an attachment to the Consultation Summary Report (with your name and contact information removed). If you wish your submission to be fully redacted and not public, please let us know.

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