Waverley Council has prepared Amendment No. 8 to the Waverley Council Development Contributions Plan 2006 (Plan). The Plan is authorised under section 94EA of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) and permits Waverley Council to impose as a condition of development consent, a requirement that the applicant pay a levy when carrying out development consistent with the Plan.

The funds collected under the Plan will be used for the provision, extension or augmentation of public amenities or public services (or towards recouping the cost of their provision, extension or augmentation).

All comments should be in writing and received by Friday 5 January 2018. Please quote our reference number A17/0472, and address to:

The General Manager
Waverley Council

PO Box 9
Bondi Junction NSW 1355

Or email submissions to waver@waverley.nsw.gov.au.

The Plan is available online at:

You can also leave comments at Waverley’s Customer Service Centre or Library, where a hard copy of the Plan is on exhibition.

Please note that all submissions are available for public viewing and will be kept as Council records.

For further information, please contact Council’s Strategic Planner on (02) 9083 8057.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.