Update April 2021: The revised Public Art Policy was adopted by Council at the Operations and Community Services Committee on 13 April 2021. Read the Council report, minutes and final policy in 'Documents' (right side of page).


Council has a biannual budget of $100,000 in our Capital Works Program for the commissioning of new site-specific public art throughout Waverley. The sites and order of these commissions are outlined in the Public Art Masterplan, adopted in 2015 (click here to read).

The Public Art Policy forms the framework for delivering this Public Art Masterplan, as well as other Council-led public art documents. This policy was first adopted in 2014 and has now been reviewed and updated by staff and the Public Art Committee in keeping with Council's policy review processes.

This review included:

  • benchmarking against current industry standards by staff in the Visual Arts Team in consultation with the National Association of the Visual Arts
  • ensuring the policy reflects language and definitions consistent with the new triggers for public art in private development implemented in the DCP.

Click here to read the updated Public Art Policy.

How to have your say

Consultation on the Public Art Policy runs from Friday 15 January to 11.59pm, Sunday 14 February 2021.You can provide your feedback in the following ways:

  • Complete the online survey below
  • Send your submission in hard copy to The General Manager, Waverley Council, PO Box 9, Bondi Junction NSW 1355 quoting 'Public Art Policy'.
  • Attending our webinar on 4 February 2021. Please register your attendance here.

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