Image showing completed works at Rickard Avenue

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Project description

Rickard Avenue is quiet, residential street in Bondi Beach. Until late 2019, it was open to two-way traffic. In October 2019, temporary concrete barriers were installed to trial changes to traffic flow and improve safety and in June 2020, Council endorsed the Waverley Traffic Committee's recommendation to make the changes permanent.

Council commenced works on 26 September 2022.

The works include:

  • Putting in a permanent cul-de-sac to close through traffic while making it safer for local residents and cyclists merging onto Lamrock Avenue
  • Improving the community feel by increasing public green space, planting seven news trees and including additional seating
  • Installing a new rain garden with water sensitive urban design principles and improving flood management
  • Installing new sections of footpath with cyclist ramps.

Community consultation

Two rounds of community consultation were undertaken before plans were finalised. In April/May 2019 we asked for feedback on a proposal to trial and from 7-27 March 2022 we collected feedback on a draft concept design for the changes to be made permanent.

Read the latest consultation report.