Welcome to the Draft Waverley Sustainable Visitation Strategy 2019-2024 and Summary Document. This strategy presents a range of tourism initiatives that aim to maximise benefits to Waverley’s environment, community, culture and business; and to minimise the negative impacts of overtourism on the community.

Tourism is an extremely important contributor to our local economy, Waverley is sufficiently close to Sydney’s CBD; the airport; cruise terminals and other key drivers of tourism, making it a key destination for visitors. This presents both challenges and opportunities to achieve a sustainable level of visitation so that Waverley can maintain and protect its environment, landscape and heritage.

This strategy recommends a visitation framework for Waverley for the next 5 years, one that is built on collaboration and consensus from community, government and industry. The Strategy also introduces the concept of sustainable tourism as a basis for decision-making within the LGA, one that is committed to making a low impact on the environment and local culture, whilst supporting future employment for local people.

The Strategy responds to Waverley’s Community Strategic Plan 2018-2029, Local Economy goals, ensuring that tourism supports the local economy and local amenity.

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Your feedback from this consultation will be considered when finalising Waverley’s Sustainable Visitation Strategy. The final Strategy is expected to be presented to Council for adoption in February 2019.

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