As part of Council's commitment to the continued improvement of Thomas Hogan Reserve, the preparation of an Ecological Restoration Action Plan was commissioned to assist in the ongoing maintenance and conservation of the natural environment in Thomas Hogan Reserve.

The Draft Ecological Restoration Action Plan was developed with consideration of prior site specific studies, relevant Council strategies and policies, community comments collected from earlier consultation for Thomas Hogan Reserve upgrades, and grounded by recent specialist onsite observations and best practice in ecological restoration.

The plan provides a 15 year staged approach of ecological restoration of the reserve with the following aims:

  • To establish a stable and self-sustaining eco-system, comprised of predominantly native vegetation indigenous to the Sydney region and with a focus on adjacent coastal regions.
  • To improve habitat opportunities and increase the diversity of flora and fauna.
  • To align maintenance and improvement of the environment with relevant Council adopted plans and strategies.

You can view the Draft Ecological Restoration Action Plan in the Document Library to your right.

Key actions of the Draft Ecological Restoration Action Plan include:

  • Management of unsafe trees.
  • Treatment and control of environmental weeds as required by the Biosecurity Act.
  • Increase leaf litter/woody debris for foraging resource for birds, mammals, frogs and reptiles.
  • Over the course of 15 years, to plant over 25,000 plants:
    • 340 trees;
    • 5,000 shrubs; and
    • Over 20,000 ground covers and grasses.

What happens next?

  • The Draft Ecological Restoration Action Plan will be finalised with consideration of community feedback.
  • The amended document will be presented to Council for adoption.
  • Once adopted, Council will commence works as guided by the action plan.

Want more information?

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