In 2018 Council received a petition requesting a 'no right turn' restriction be introduced from Boonara Avenue into Bondi Road. In response to this petition, Council engaged an independent consultant to study the effects of introducing turn restrictions from Boonara Avenue and Imperial Avenue into Bondi Road, and we are now collecting feedback to understand the community's views on these potential changes.

Project information

Analysis has been undertaken to determine the traffic impacts of banning the following vehicular movements:

  • Movement 1: Right turn from Boonara Avenue into Bondi Road
  • Movement 2: Northbound movement from Boonara Avenue across Bondi Road into Castlefield Street
  • Movement 3: Right turn from Imperial Avenue into Bondi Road
  • Movement 4: Northbound movement from Imperial Avenue across Bondi Road

It was found that banning any of the movements mentioned above would not result in any noticeable impact on the surrounding road network. Travel times and travel distances are not expected to significantly increase as a result of banning any of the above movements.

Have your say - feedback now closed

We're seeking feedback on whether these restrictions should be introduced at Boonara Avenue and Imperial Avenue. Complete the form below or email by Sunday 12 March 2023.

We will review the feedback to determine a preferred way forward and a report will be prepared for Council’s Traffic Committee. The Traffic Committee will make a recommendation to Council and if a movement ban is approved by Council, the proposal will also be subject to approval by Transport for NSW before the ban can be implemented.