View the Tree Management Policy and Guidelines 2022. These documents are due for review in 2032.

What is the purpose of the Tree Management Policy and Guidelines?

Waverley Council has policies and guidelines to support our strategic direction and to guide our decision-making process. A great deal of care and thought goes into creating them.

We have had a Tree Management Policy since 2007 and it provides the framework for managing trees in Waverley. In this proposed version, we have separated the practical actions into a new document, creating the draft Tree Management Policy and Guidelines.

The Guidelines also contain content from other documents such as the Waverley Development Control Plan making it easier for residents to access the information all in one place.



Feedback was collected from 15 September - 13 October 2022.

Consultation goals

Our previous Tree Management Policy was created in 2007, in 2019 we consulted the community on the old policy. The community asked for:

  • a user-friendly document
  • an improved maintenance schedule
  • clearer guidelines for pruning and re-planting requests
  • greater consideration for the impact to infrastructure when residents and Council consider re-planting and;
  • a new notification process to reach a far greater audience

An environmental consultancy group, with significant and relevant experience in vegetation management, policy development, urban ecology, habitat creation and conservation and consultation reviewed the policy at the time and also provided their feedback. They said:

  • Council should create a policy with a clear framework
  • that contemporary best practice tree management should start with a clear Policy position based on retention and enhancement of an urban canopy
  • considers an alternate approach to tree management and;
  • establishes a framework that separates the technical aspects from the management/maintenance of individual trees

The draft Policy and Guidelines are the result of all the feedback provided from the community, the consultant and Council’s overarching community goals for a sustainable future.

In the development of the draft documents, we have tried to balance the needs of the broader community with requests and complaints regularly received by Council.

With all of this in mind, this is your opportunity to read through the proposed Tree Management Policy and Guidelines and provide feedback on areas you think we should change or provide details if we have missed anything.

The policy

The draft Tree Management Policy is a framework for best arboriculture practice. It:

  • Provides a clear framework that will standardise current process and decision making allowing for consistency in the management of trees in our area
  • Modernises our approach in line with legislative and regulatory responsibilities
  • Ensures a best practice process

The guidelines

The draft Tree Management Guidelines provide detailed information for all areas of tree management in the Waverley Local Government Area.

The Guidelines outline how trees are to be managed and through their implementation will achieve our commitment to maintaining the trees we have, improving their maintenance and protection and increasing the level of urban tree canopy cover.

Key documents

Summary of changes in the Policy and Guidelines

Draft Tree Management Policy

Draft Tree Management Guidelines

How feedback was collected

Feedback was collected via the following methods:

  • The feedback questionnaire (See below)
  • Face to face at our Have Your Say day or online session
    • Teams meeting: 6pm-7pm, Tuesday 27 September
    • Bondi Markets: from 9am, Saturday 8 October.
  • By emailing

All feedback was summarised in a final consultation report which was taken to Council's Strategic Planning and Development Committee on 6 December 2022. Read the meeting agenda and minutes.

Feedback questionnaire

We have policies and guidelines to assist and manage Council’s operations. The Tree Management Policy was consulted on in 2019 and in 2021 an environmental consultancy group reviewed our previous Policy and provided their opinion. We have incorporated bot

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2019 Survey

Tree Management Policy Review

Let us know your thoughts on Tree Management in Waverley.
Would you support a Policy that requires each tree removed to be replaced with 3 trees? The replacement trees could be planted in public places such as streets etc Required
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The current Tree Management Policy identifies the following species as nuisance trees; Hackberry, Broad leaved Privet, Narrow leaved Privet, Ligustrum, Oleander, African Olive, Willow, Cocos Palm and Rhus Tree. Are there any specific changes that you wo Required
Are you satisfied with Council’s current notification process for large and prominent public tree removal? (see Section 1.8 of the Tree Management Policy) Required
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