Draft DCP adopted by Council - December 2022

The draft Waverley Development Control Plan 2022 was amended in response to community feedback received during the public exhibition period and the revised DCP was taken to the Strategic Planning and Development Committee on 6 December 2022 where it was adopted.

The draft Inter-War Building Design Guidelines were also adopted at this meeting.

Read the meeting agenda and minutes and read the adopted DCP 2022.

The DCP 2022 now replaces the DCP 2012 and applies to all Development Applications lodged after 8 December 2022.


The Waverley DCP 2012 is the current plan Development Applications are assessed against. We are updating the 2012 version to align with Waverley's LEP and other strategies.

What is changing between the 2012 and the proposed 2022 version?

The proposed updates in the draft Waverley DCP 2022 cover a variety of topics including:

  • Housekeeping – rectifying wording issues and inconsistencies, and providing clarifications
  • Centre-based provisions – implementing the Our Liveable Places Centres Strategy
  • Inter-War building provisions – implementing the Waverley Inter-War Flat Building Heritage Design Guidelines
  • Sustainability and waste updates
  • Alignment with the Waverley Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) and Waverley LSPS Implementation Planning Proposal (WLEP 2022)

The Amendment Summary and explainer video (below) are the simplest ways to see the proposed changes to the Waverley DCP.

The draft Inter-War Guidelines and updated Habitat Corridor Map are new documents proposed.

You can also read the whole draft Waverley DCP 2022.

Explainer video

Waverley Development Control Plan 2022 - Explainer video

Consultation info

Key Dates

8 August to 19 September 2022

Public Exhibition

13 August 2022

9am to 1pm Have Your Say Day at Bondi Markets

23 August 2022

5pm to 8pm Have Your Say Day at Thomas Hogan Reserve Community Hall

24 August 2022

12pm to 8pm Have Your Say Day at Queens Park Room, Council Chambers