Waverley’s Planning Agreement Policy 2014 (VPA Policy) has been successfully used to negotiate and draft planning agreements accompanying Development Applications seeking a Clause 4.6 variation to Clause 4.4: Floor space ratio, and proponent-led Planning Proposals seeking development uplift.

Where development exceeds the established planning controls, and can do so without having an unacceptable impact, then value sharing can provide the community a net benefit from the development in terms of additional infrastructure and amenity.

The assessment of a VPA does not determine a Development Application or Planning Proposal, both are assessed on their merits and the VPA is assessed separately. So a Planning Proposal/DA would first be assessed on whether the proposal to exceed the established planning controls is determined to have an acceptable impact. Only then will a VPA be considered and assessed.

Contributions have been dedicated towards several public domain upgrades including Waverley’s Complete Streets program in Bondi Junction (for development relating to Bondi Junction) and several upgrades to local parks nearby developments. There have been instances where parks directly adjacent to a subject development have been upgraded as a result of VPA contributions e.g. Seven Ways at Glenayr Avenue. To this extent, the policy ensures that increases in density are associated with an increase in liveability.

The proposed amendments

The policy is updated regularly to ensure it is operating efficiently and correctly and in line with the most current industry benchmarks.

The draft Amendment 4 to Waverley’s Planning Agreement Policy 2014 is a regular housekeeping amendment that proposes:

  • Updates to the standardised residential benchmark rates applied to development applications in line with current market conditions.
  • Housekeeping amendments relating to process improvement.
  • The introduction of a Waverley Public Benefit Register which provides further guidance on projects that Voluntary Planning Agreement contributions could fund.

Further information relating to these updates can be viewed in the Document Library, including a marked-up version of the Policy showing changes between Amendment 3 (current) and Amendment 4 (proposed).

Draft Waverley Public Benefit Register

A draft Waverley Public Benefit Register is proposed to provide an iterative and non-exhaustive list of possible specific public benefits which includes items presented by both members of the community and Council officers, subject to meeting listing criteria. The Waverley Public Benefit Register and the assessment of proposed items against the listing criteria is proposed to be managed by Waverley Council’s Strategic Town Planning team. The Waverley Public Benefit Register is proposed to be available on Council’s website and updated quarterly.

To assist in delivering public benefits that are expected to be most useful at the time of Planning Agreement drafting, Council officers could consider the Waverley Public Benefit Register.

The listing criteria includes items:

· Currently unfunded by the Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) or grant funding;

· Not expected for short-medium term delivery due to investigation, design and funding issues;

· Provide a clear public benefit and/or response to a community need; and are

· Related to a Council-endorsed strategy or plan.

When VPAs are exhibited, Council often receives suggestions for other public benefits that are not currently identified in a Council endorsed strategy, and these items may be worthy of further investigation by the Strategic Town Planning Team, and if appropriate also listed as potential public benefits which require additional information to deliver

Public benefits delivered by VPA funding are by no means limited to items on the Waverley Public Benefit Register. The Register is merely a starting point for idea generation purposes, if needed.

How to have your say

To comment, please submit your feedback using SF21/4528 as a reference by 11.59pm, Monday 11th April 2022, through one of the following methods:

General Manager

Waverley Council

PO Box 9, Bondi Junction, NSW 1355

Please note that the comments submitted will form part of Council’s public record and as such can be made available for public viewing on request.

For more information, please contact Council's Strategic Planning team on 9083 8194.


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The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.