About the project

Waverley Council is upgrading Charing Cross Village Centre to provide the community with an improved streetscape for safer use and a more enjoyable experience. According to previous feedback received from the community, Charing Cross is not well defined and blurs into the adjacent residential areas.

We have highlighted the key features of the initial design below. This design was developed using ideas from Waverley’s Liveable Places Centres Strategy 2020. This design was taken to the community for feedback in 2021 and is now being refined. To see the feedback provided by the community, read through the Consultation Summary Report.

Some of the issues we are trying to resolve are highlighted in the photos below.

Charing Cross village centre will become 40km/h

This area of Charing Cross has been categorized as a High Pedestrian Activity Area (HPAA). HPAAs are locations near shopping strips, railway stations, bus interchanges, beach-sides and services such as medical centres.

Becoming 40km/h will create a safer road environment for all road users, particularly for pedestrians, cyclists and children.

Slip lane to be removed and signalised

As a HPAA, managing pedestrian safety is the most important thing. The slip lane that turns left from Bronte Rd into Carrington Rd will be removed and incorporated into the traffic signals. You will still be able to turn left and pedestrians will have a safer place to cross.

Raised pedestrian crossings

Council is proposing to install a new raised crossing at the front of 278 Bronte Road (Eastern Suburbs Legion Club and Bronte GP) for safer pedestrian movements. We will also raise the existing pedestrian crossing just north of the Bronte/Albion intersection.

A change in parking arrangements to allow for safer crossings for pedestrians

To widen the footpath and allow for the second raised pedestrian crossing, the proposal would see a loss of four parking spots on Bronte Rd.

Powerlines moved underground

The heritage quality of the area is compromised by intrusive overhead powerlines. Undergrounding will make room for a tree canopy, light poles and improve public amenity by decluttering the street. The red lines on the map below show which powerlines will be moved underground.

New trees and a range of garden beds and plantings

Council’s Community Strategic Plan outlines Waverley’s goal to have 30% tree canopy and shrub cover. Bronte Rd is currently in the lowest category of 0-15%. From previous consultations and as the second oldest shopping strip in Sydney, we know how important the facades are. Our landscape architects will select appropriate species to grow above the shop fronts.

New multipoles and upgraded lighting

Sustainable LED lighting will be used throughout the village centre. The design will be upgraded to current Australian standards with multipurpose poles to help declutter the street. The upgrades will reduce existing light spill onto buildings.

Historical features highlighted throughout the design

To align with the historic character of Charing Cross we are proposing to incorporate a number of heritage interpretations throughout the project. We have a range of advisors helping on this but we'd also like to hear what you think! Head over to the ideas board.

Widening and upgrading footpaths

We are proposing new pavers and to widen the footpaths by over half a metre on both sides of the road. This will enhance the experience of the area, prioritises active transport modes throughout the village centre and provide businesses with an opportunity to apply for outdoor seating.

Widening the footpath facilitates space to planting trees and install street furniture without compromising parking.

New street furniture

With the new shade provided by trees, you’ll need somewhere to sit. We are proposing around 10 new bench seats throughout the design.

We consulted the community on this detailed concept design from 21 April - 19 May 2021. These plans are currently being revised following feedback received. New plans will be shared when complete.

Mid Bronte Road

Intersection of Carrington Road, Victoria Street and Bronte Road

Bronte Road and Albion Street

Project updates

Project progresses to detailed design - June 2022

At the Council meeting on 17 May 2022 it was resolved that Council:

1. Progresses Option 3 for the Charing Street Streetscape Upgrade to detailed design, noting the following key items will be addressed in development of the design as appropriate:

(a) Selection of tree species to vary and consider the heritage status of building façades.

(b) Completion of a posted awning review to inform locations of trees and street furniture items in detailed design.

(c) Undertake an options analysis on materiality interpretations to acknowledge the original kerb alignment within the widened footpath.

(d) Undertake an options analysis on appropriate lighting, hanging baskets and street furniture in the detailed design.

2. Engages with members of the community during detailed design development, including those from the Charing Cross Precinct that have shown significant interest in the project.

View the meeting agenda and minutes.


Bronte Road - existing and proposed

Existing: Bronte Road before construction of streetscape upgrade Proposed: Render of Bronte Road after construction of streetscape upgrade

Slip road and intersection - existing and proposed

Existing: Existing slip road and intersection at Charing Cross Proposed: Proposed changes to slip road and intersection at Charing Cross

Consultation round one

In March 2020 we consulted residents and business owners in Charing Cross to make sure the scope of the project aligned with the community's needs. This feedback was used to inform the detailed concept design for the streetscape upgrade.

Consultation round two

From 21 April - 19 May 2021 we went back to the community with draft concept designs for the streetscape upgrade. The objectives were to:

  • Provide the community with clear information so their feedback on the proposed concept is specific and applicable
  • Identify and work with stakeholders to refine issues and key elements of the project

Overall we received 433 submissions from the community, including 200 survey responses, 126 posts on the ideas board,and 107 pieces of face to face feedback. All feedback was compiled in a Consultation Summary Report.

How feedback was collected

  • An online survey (see below)
  • Ideas board (see below)
  • Mail
  • An online community info session held on 6 May 2021
  • Two Have Your Say days held to collect face to face feedback
    • 30 April 2021 from 7.3-10.30am, opposite the Legions Club
    • 1 May 2021 from 7.30-10.30am, opposite the Legions Club