Council is planning streetscape works at the intersection of Blake Street and Military Road to enhance the safety and amenity of this vibrant neighbourhood centre.

These works are in line with Council's strategic objectives for the area, as identified in the Public Domain Technical Manual. The works will also improve a number of site issues including storm-water management and pedestrian safety.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the concept plan. Your feedback has now been reviewed and collated, and the plan has been modified accordingly. You can now view the amended plan in the document library to your right.

From the feedback received, there was overall support for the proposed upgrade project. In particular, people endorsed the unit paving and application of planting, street trees and street furniture across the village centre.

Key changes to the plan are:

  • Moving the bike racks outside of 161-167 Blake Street. This is a prime location that will ensure pedestrian access is not impacted.
  • Shrub planting on the corner of Blake Street and Military Road adjoining the pedestrian crossing has been cleared to ensure clear site lines for pedestrians approaching the crossing.
  • The plan has been amended to provide seating under and near proposed trees near the city bound bus stop to ensure shade is available for those waiting for the bus.
  • The proposed tree outside of 161 Military Road (on Blake Street frontage) has been removed to ensure the awning is not obstructed.
  • Following several community requests Council is also patching the damaged pavement on Blake Street between Military Road and Portland Street.

The updated plans will now be further developed to ensure they are ready for construction which is scheduled in 2017.

If you have any further questions regarding the proposed plan or project, you are welcome to email