Draft Guidelines adopted by Council - December 2022

The draft Inter-War Flat Building Design Guidelines was taken to the Strategic Planning and Development Committee on 6 December 2022 where it was adopted along with the Development Control Plan (DCP) 2022.

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The DCP 2022 now replaces the DCP 2012 and applies to all Development Applications lodged after 8 December 2022.


In addition to its spectacular natural setting, Waverley’s urbane and creative character is due in no small measure to the construction, mostly between WW1 and WW2, of well-designed and affordable residential flats. Waverley’s residential density is the second highest in Sydney, giving it the population needed for a rich cultural and street life.

Over 600 sets of plans were analysed to determine the typologies and styles of our Inter-War buildings. This has been summarised in the guidelines and we have provided direction for built form components including but not limited to roofs, facades, balconies and landscaping.

The tools within the guidelines were created following an extensive architectural heritage analysis by Jennifer Hill of Architectural Projects.

Purpose of the Guidelines

The purpose of the Guidelines is to provide advice to those who intend to upgrade, maintain or alter Inter-War Residential Flat Buildings in Waverley. The Guidelines help anybody wanting to make changes to an Inter-war building and lodging a Development Application (DA). A flow chart within the Guidelines explains a step-by-step process for lodging a DA.

Development Control Plan Chapter

Content from the Guidelines has been integrated into the new draft Waverley Development Control Plan 2022, which was on public exhibition at the same time.

Please refer to the proposed Part B16 Inter-War Buildings of the draft WDCP for detail on the Inter-War related changes.

Consultation info

We held three information sessions in August 2022 for the community to ask questions, discuss the changes or provide verbal feedback on the draft Inter-War Guidelines and associated WDCP 2022 changes.

Key Dates

8 August 2022 to 19 September 2022

Public Exhibition

23 August 2022

5pm to 8pm Have Your Say Day at Thomas Hogan Reserve Community Hall

24 August 2022

12pm to 8pm Have Your Say Day at Queens Park Room, Council Chambers