Project Background

Waverley Council is upgrading Marlborough Reserve Playground. This upgrade will improve the play experience of the current play space as identified in Waverley Council’s Play Space Strategy. The upgrade will also bring all the play equipment and surfaces up to date with the latest Australian standards for safety.

Key improvements proposed include:

  • Provide a range of play experiences and cater to a range of age groups through active, imaginative, creative, social, quiet and free play
  • Create play spaces that encourage play in natural environments to promote an understanding of the environment
  • Improve safety by incorporating barriers/ fencing to busy roadways

Community Consultation May 2019

A first round of consultation was held from 1–31 May 2019, the results of which can be found in the Round 1 Community Consultation Summary Report – October 2019 available under ‘Document Library’.

Community Consultation December 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in the second round of community consultation between 26 September–25 October 2019.

We have reviewed your feedback and summarised the findings into a report. This report was presented to Council at the Operations and Community Services Committee Meeting on 3 December 2019. Councillors resolved to endorse this report, and approved the progression of the concept design.

The feedback we received from you indicates the updated draft design generally meets community expectations. The design concept has been further developed in consideration of your comments, in particular:

  • Officers will continue to work with a Level 5 qualified arborist during the design documentation and construction stages of the project to ensure the health of existing trees within the reserve is maintained.
  • Construction methods that are sensitive to existing trees will be used.
  • Inclusion of additional nature play elements have been located within the proposed playground footprint.
  • Inclusion of an additional bin with dog bag dispenser at the bottom southern end of the reserve has been included.

You can view the Council report, community consultation summary report and amended plans in the Document Library to the right.

Next Steps

The design has been updated to replace the large fig tree which was damaged in bad weather. The fig will be replaced by another fig in the same location and additional trees planted to provide shade. The design is currently being developed for construction.

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