In 2022, a piece of land which fronts Tamarama Street in Tamarama was put up for sale. The sale was brought to the attention of the Council by members of the community who were concerned that the R3 Medium-Density Residential zoning of the parcel of land which was approved to be subdivided under DA-125/2012 would be inconsistent with the remainder of Tamarama Street which is currently zoned R2 Low-Density Residential. The concern related to the fact that that the R3 zoning meant there was potential for a new residential flat building (RFB) to be developed on the land, which could result in development which is out of character with the remainder of the street and result in negative impacts for neighbouring properties.

As a result of the concerns raised, Council resolved on 5 April 2022 to prepare a Planning Proposal, which was submitted to the Department of Planning and received a determination to go on public exhibition on 1 March 2023. Read the Council report and meeting minutes.

Proposed rezoning of 5 Tamarama Street, Tamarama

Proposed rezoning of 5 Tamarama Street, Tamarama

Planning Proposal

The Planning Proposal (the Proposal) for the subdivided parcel of land now known as 5 Tamarama Street in Tamarama, seeks to amend the Waverley Local Environmental Plan 2012 from R3 Medium-Density Residential to R2 Low-Density Residential with changes to Floor Space Ratio and Building Heights. 5 Tamarama Street is a 368 sqm rectangular-shaped parcel of land which previously formed part of 20 Illawong Avenue, Tamarama.

The intended outcomes of the Planning Proposal are as follows:

  1. Amend the zoning of the subject land from R3 medium Density Residential to R2 Low-Density Residential
  2. Amend the floor space ratio (FSR) applying to the subject area to 0.5:1
  3. Amend the height of the building’s development standard to 8.5 m

Waverley Council has not been authorised as the local plan-making authority. This means that Council will use community feedback received on the Proposal and other accompanying documents available during this public exhibition to make a recommendation on whether or not to finalise the Proposal. Thereafter, Council's recommendation and the feedback received during public exhibition will be forwarded to NSW DPE, who will make the final decision.

Take a look at the Proposal and accompanying documents and provide your feedback by 11:59pm, Wednesday 10 May 2023.

Relevant documents (also available in the Document Library on this page)

How to submit feedback

Please submit your feedback on the Planning Proposal through one of the following methods:

Feedback closes at 11:59 pm, Wednesday 10 May 2023.

Please note that the comments submitted will form part of Council’s public record and as such can be made available for public viewing on request.

For more information, please contact Shima Niavarani, Strategic Town Planner, through Council’s Customer Service on 9083 8000, or via email at