Project Completion Update - 2023

We are happy to announce that the Tamarama Marine Drive Safety Upgrades are complete. Upgrades to the footpath and pedestrian crossing as well as landscaping and seating improvements and the installation of new energy-efficient light poles were completed in February. New and improved 'green' bus shelters with wireless charging stations were installed in April. The safety upgrades have improved the pedestrian experience and introduced traffic-calming infrastructure to this high pedestrian activity area. Waverley residents and multiple visitors can now more safely enjoy this iconic stretch of coastal walkway.”



The works will include:

  • Replacing the existing pedestrian island with a raised pedestrian crossing, as outlined in the Tamarama Park Plan of Management
  • Removing six light poles from the Gully-side of Tamarama Marine Drive and replacing them with energy-efficient, dimmable light poles on the footpath side of the road
  • Upgrading existing bus shelters to increase visibility and pedestrian access
  • Moving one bus shelter slightly further down Tamarama Marine Drive, towards Bronte, to increase accessibility and ensure safety of commuters when alighting or boarding buses. One parking space will be lost to accommodate the bus zone.
  • Widening parts of the footpath
  • New traffic and pedestrian signage

A mark up of the safety improvements is available for your reference.

How feedback was collected

From 23 March – 13 April 2022 we collected feedback from the community on the proposed safety upgrades. Feedback was collected via the following methods:

Please note that all submissions will form part of Council’s public record and as such may be made publicly available. Your name and contact details will be kept confidential.