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What is the Arts and Culture Plan?

The Arts and Culture Plan is the vision for activation, participation and innovation for arts and culture in Waverley.

It guides Council’s long-term future planning for cultural infrastructure, events, programs and partnerships. The Plan also provides a roadmap for us all – Council, the community, and identified partners – to work together towards an exciting and engaging arts and cultural life in Waverley.

How we engaged with the community to develop the Plan:

In 2019 we consulted with the community from January–May. This included an online survey (185 responses), focus groups with the community and key stakeholders (35 participants), community intercept conversations (75 participants), and long-form submissions from community members, groups, organisations and businesses (6 submissions).

In developing our draft Cultural Plan, Council also considered feedback already received as part of other Council projects, such as the Bondi Pavilion Restoration and Conservation project, and the Waverley Community Strategic Plan.

Read a summary of the consultation.

What is included?

The Plan encompasses a range of arts and cultural actions that the community (both generally and industry-specific) have told us they want to see in Waverley.

Read a summary of the Plan.

How we engaged on the final Plan:

Consultation on the draft Cultural Plan ran for four weeks in June 2020.

We received online submissions through a survey and email submissions.

Feedback on Draft Cultural Plan

The Waverley Cultural Plan has now concluded.


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