Update December 2020: This strategy has been renamed to Our Liveable Places Centres Strategy and was adopted by Council on 3 December 2020. The consultation summary report, Council report and final Strategy are available to view here.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their views and was involved in the consultation process from AugustSeptember 2019. Using your feedback, we have now created a Draft Waverley Village Centres Strategy, and we want to hear your thoughts on it.

The summary of your feedback is available in the 'Document Library' as is the draft Strategy.

What does the Strategy include?

Waverley’s villages are much-loved icons that contribute significant heritage and character to our area, and provide a range of valuable services and employment.

The Draft Village Centres Strategy provides a shared community vision for the future of our centres, which may result in changes to development controls, as well as capital works projects to deliver some of the transport, public domain and sustainability upgrades suggested in this strategy. It will be used to inform Council decision-making with regards to Planning Proposals and Development Applications, and to make recommendations for the future of Waverley’s commercial centres and public domain. It will also inform the comprehensive review of the LEP and DCP.

Strategy Outcomes:

The Strategy aims to: celebrate the heritage and character of our village centres throughout the LGA; protect and enhance their character; improve transport connections and opportunities for active transport in particular; to increase the amount of public space for gathering; and to ensure our centres are safe, lively and attractive places to be. To achieve these outcomes, this Draft Strategy proposes:

  1. To work with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and neighbouring councils to deliver key transport infrastructure projects to improve accessibility to Bondi Beach via Bondi Road and Curlewis Street
  2. To work with TfNSW to improve bus service and capacity along Old South Head Road and Bronte Road
  3. Prioritise public domain improvements in: Bondi Beach, Bondi Road, Curlewis Street, Charing Cross, and Rose Bay North and South centres
  4. Provide sustainability upgrades and public domain upgrades across all centres

Have Your Say:

We want to hear your thoughts on this draft Strategy. To make a submission, please use the tools below.

We also accept submissions in writing. Please quote reference number SF20/2294, and address any correspondence to:

The General Manager
Waverley Council
PO Box 9
Bondi Junction NSW 1355

You can also email us at info@waverley.nsw.gov.au, and please use the reference number above.

Please note that all submissions will form part of Council’s public record and as such can be made available for public viewing on request.

For more information contact Council’s Urban Designer and Project coordinator, Estelle Rehayem on 9083 8007.


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  1. Investigation of Bus Rapid Transit on Bondi Road and acquisition of lanes and lots parallel to Bondi Road for Tier 1 Cycle routes. #
  2. Pedestrianisation of Gould Street, Bondi Beach and to create a share-way along Hall Street, Bondi Beach. #
  3. Deliver bike paths and footpath upgrades along Curlewis Street and investigate activation and expansion of this commercial centre. #
  4. Under-grounding of overhead power lines and wires in our village centres. #
  5. Investigation of long-term project for solar-power catchment treatment on road surfaces in village centres to generate power off the grid. #
  1. Turn the intersection at Avoca Street and Bondi Road into a Pocket Park with trees, public furniture and shade infrastructure. #
  2. Urban greening and planting along Bronte Road Corridor, Bondi Road Corridor and Macpherson Street Corridor. #
  3. Water Sensitive Urban Design Treatment along the Bronte Road corridor, due to its proximity to the Centennial park stormwater catchment and the Bronte Gully Catchment. #
  4. Waste Management: investigate or trial the use of a sub-surface waste management system for key commercial centres with a large number of services and uses. #
  5. Option 5 #

Strategic Outcomes

Priority Projects and Public Domain Improvements

Centre Strategies

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